Partner / Vendor Identification

Assistance to a Malaysian University to identify the right partner

A University in Malaysia, specializing in Distance Education was looking at collaboration with Indian companies on e-learning. ITSMA assisted in identifying the right partners.

Assistance in identifying potential partners for a US based company

ITSMA conducted a preliminary search based on the requirement, short listed companies and organised meetings for a US$190 million Multinational Company A/E/C (Architecture, Engineering and construction) which was looking at tie-ups with Indian firms for product development in the areas of CAD and Engineering Information Management development.

Identifying a vendor for a Spanish IT association

ITSMA successfully identified, short listed and selected a vendor for the development of 'e-learning - ready' training material. Our client was an IT association in Spain.

Identifying a partner for a multinational Software company

A Multinational software company who are among the top three in the world specializing in the sheet metal industry was assisted in identifying partners in India to cater to their outsourcing needs.

Assistance for a European company to identify an outsourcing partner

A Company in Europe was looking for an outsourcing partner for the design and development of online Comics. We have undertaken the project.

Assistance to a European Client

ITSMA assisted a client in Europe, who was looking at an outsourcing partner in India, for its product development.

Assistance to a Spanish Company to set up office in India, 2004

ITSMA assisted Lantek Automation, Spain to open their office in India. The talks initiated in 2002 when Lantek Automation was very interested in establishing themselves in the Indian market. After a couple of visits to India organized by ITSMA, Lantek Automation decided to open their own office, instead of a partnership model. ITSMA also organized various agendas and meetings with numerous companies, universities, recruitment agencies, etc for Lantek Automation. The company then hired our services, for the entire set-up process, recruitment, and administrative assistance.

Lantek is impressed with ITSMA’s professionalism and over the years, have recommended us to other organisations as well.

In the meantime, ITSMA also got into an understanding with a department of the local government of San Sebastian, FOMENTO, to send an intern to India, to study the Animation Sector in India, in order to look at the possibilities of Joint Film/Animation production, training, etc, to enhance employment opportunities. The internship was for a period of 9 months. However, the intern was so keen on the work being carried out, that he stayed for an additional 16 months, to contribute and promote our joint initiatives.

Based on the experience and studies, ITSMA realized that in order to create long term joint partnerships, it was very important promote the basic knowledge of each others culture, be it in social or business sphere. It was also important to look at the youth and encourage them to visit European countries, to undertake academic courses, live in their environment, in order to understand Europe, promote modern India, its work culture, etc.

ITSMA thus mooted 2 main ideas; One, to promote Academic courses in Europe, especially in Spain among Indian students, and Two, to start a Centre for Indian  Studies, in order to promote Modern India, by undertaking various studies, research, etc in the areas of Technology, Industry and Social innovation. The idea was to learn and share from the strengths of both regions.

MoU between Promomadrid, Spain and ITSMA 2006

In May 2006, ITSMA and Promomadrid agreed to work together, to undertake joint studies and promote the 2 regions. In this regard, 2 Foreign Trade Advisors from PromoMadrid were based in ITSMA, to together study various industry sectors of interest, namely the IT and BT sector in 2006 and Telecom, Animation/Film, Aerospace in 2007.

Commencement of the Forum of Indian Studies (FIS), August 2007

On 8th August 2007, ITSMA signed a MoU with 7 other organizations, 3 from India and 4 from Spain, to commence the activities of FIS. The Forum for Indian Studies will work as a consortium and conduct various activities, studies, socio-technical research in the areas of Technology, Industry, and Social Innovation & Education.

Club España 2007

The concept of Club España initiated by ITSMA, to promote Spanish culture, food, history, language, festivals, including strengthening economic relationship between Spain and India is showing great results. We have already had a Tapas Bar Month in a leading 5 star hotel in Bangalore in August 2007.